About Warriors II
Warriors is a fun game that is played right here on the net against your friends! When the mythological warriors of Valhalla died in battle, they were resurrected the next day, and they fought again. We will take you back to this time. Can you prove yourself a worthy warrior?
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Susanne Branner
Anthropologist with my own firm
What is the best thing about Warriors2?
That it has created a place in me as a world of its own, meaning that I can discuss quests and new discoveries with my brother, who is also in there as a now mighty warrior ;-) Right now, I completely adore the summer bonus!!
What is the most fun thing to do in W2?
Explore worlds
How did you learn about the game?
Word of mouth
Where are you from?
I´m from Copenhagen, Denmark

Topten Warriors Ranking(active players):
1[#146834] Grand Duke Yngve Knotrygg the Titan [KROO] (Henrik Wahlström)161 rounds55355607 xp
2[#33494] Baronesse Godik the Titan (Asger Kvist)134 rounds320844863 xp
3[#151427] Prince Barnak Bloodbath the Titan [DTEK] (Hannes Nilsson)125 rounds900079808 xp
4[#66394] Prince Rövmular_Bengt the Titan (Erik Djusberg)112 rounds412068092 xp
5[#93739] Prince wolsa2 the Titan [MOC] (morris wols)106 rounds168415093 xp
6[#61699] Lord Galdor the Human (Oli Danielsson)68 rounds3796347 xp
7[#2084] Madam Tiko the Human [LASNJ] (Inga-Lill Nordström)62 rounds11863809 xp
8[#94743] Duke Arazil of the shadows the Titan [Wizz] (Mark)44 rounds108474505 xp
9[#45446] Baronesse Tiara the Troll (Andreas Jansson)35 rounds10701769 xp
10[#167850] Player1 the Elf (Martin Blirup)33 rounds2897929 xp
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