Warriors2 - A game for you?
Warriors is a fullscale EPIC adventure, even if it looks simple in the beginning. The simpleness of the game is actually a part of the game idea! Even if you've never ever played a game before, you should be able to enjoy warriors, and even if you are a SuperGamer, you should be able to find stuff that amuses you!
Warriors2 includes both mythological parts about the gods in Valhalla, and fantasy things like orcs and dragons. In this unique combination you will be able to discover both!
The gamegoal is to become one of the Gods of Valhalla, So are you up for a challange?
This game contains the following features:
  • Easy to use, Warriors2 is played in your web browser, you don't have to install anything! Easy!
  • 237 different enemies, stretching from Spiders to Dragons! The monsters in W2 has an AI that makes them smarter than in many other games.
  • 4 Playable races, These races have have different advantages/disadvantages. When you have made it with all four races, you unlock a Special race.
  • 20 different worlds with over 100 different locations. Amongst those places you can find Dungeons, Workshops, Stores, Joustingranges, Taverns and much more.
  • 27 different pets. Pets are Animals, and Beasts that can fight for you. They can also help you with other things.
  • Mighty companions. Along your adventures, you will find companions to help you on your mission. these characters have skills of their own and can help you out with many things!
  • over 507.000 different items. Items can be everything from a lousy Hat, to a mighty Sword with Godly magic!
  • 297 Quests. Quests are given to you in W2 from various types of characters, from farmers to the king himself!
  • + MORE . Warriors is constantly evolving so you can never know what to expect when you login tomorrow!

Welcome to the epic saga of WARRIORS2