About Warriors II
Warriors is a fun game that is played FOR FREE right here on the net against your friends! When the mythological warriors of Valhalla died in battle, they were resurrected the next day, and they fought again. We will take you back to this time. Can you prove yourself a worthy warrior?

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  • Easy to use, Warriors2 is played in your web browser, you don't have to install anything! Easy!
  • 237 different enemies, stretching from Spiders to Dragons! The monsters in W2 has an AI that makes them smarter than in many other games.
  • 4 Playable races, These races have have different advantages/disadvantages. When you have made it with all four races, you unlock a Special race.
  • 20 different worlds with over 100 different locations. Amongst those places you can find Dungeons, Workshops, Stores, Joustingranges, Taverns and much more.
  • 27 different pets. Pets are Animals, and Beasts that can fight for you. They can also help you with other things.
  • Mighty companions. Along your adventures, you will find companions to help you on your mission. these characters have skills of their own and can help you out with many things!
  • over 507.000 different items. Items can be everything from a lousy Hat, to a mighty Sword with Godly magic!
  • 304 Quests. Quests are given to you in W2 from various types of characters, from farmers to the king himself!
  • + MORE . Warriors is constantly evolving so you can never know what to expect when you login tomorrow!

Welcome to the epic saga of WARRIORS2

Top ten Warriors Ranking:

(Active in this case means logged in the last 30 days)
[#38953] Grand Duchess Lanfear the Titan [DTEK] (Nils Iverlund)
513 rounds
[#43151] Baron Tuxo the Elf [DTEK] (Tee Jay Green)
326 rounds
[#45749] Lady Lomichas the Troll [DTEK] (Øyvind Gundersen)
261 rounds
[#17332] Sir Tyrson-Ressica the Titan [FWP] (Tee Jay Green)
256 rounds
[#26349] Hero Fyodor Mikhailovich the Titan (Pål Hendriksen)
211 rounds
[#51172] Duchess Moghedien the Titan (Tomas Carlsén)
200 rounds
[#142247] Lady Slartibartfast the Titan [FWP] (Øyvind Gundersen)
168 rounds
[#113158] Duchess Semirhage the Titan [FOG] (Nils Iverlund)
128 rounds
[#175611] Grand Duchess Cyndane the Titan [FWP] (Nils Iverlund)
120 rounds
[#147762] Grand Duke Morbido the Elf [FWP] (Joel aka Jojo)
110 rounds

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